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Description Tribulus (TriBooster 2000) of Biotech USA

Our Internet shop of anabolic steroids allows you to buy Tribulus from the Hungarian manufacturer of sports nutrition Biotech USA.

Description TriBooster 2000:

the Herb Tribulus, terrestris used to increase the level of Testosterone in men and for resuming its production after a steroid course. TriBooster 2000 contains about 2 grams of this herb in one pill (minimum of 95,2%), of which a minimum of 45 per cent saponins.

How to take Tribulus for PCT:

1-1,5 tab in day and night. For greater effect, and a speedy recovery it is best to combine Tribulus with zinc, vitamin E, fatty acids omega-3 and arginine (or AAKG).

Package 20tab 2,5mg/1tab
Substance Tribulus

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