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Description Testosterone Propionate (Testosterone Propionate) British Dispensary

In our online shop of anabolic steroids allows you to buy Testosterone Propionate (Testosterone Propionate 10ml/100mg) produced by Thai British Dispensary, the authenticity of which you can check on the official website of the manufacturer.

Release form — a vial with a volume of 10 ml. The active substance is Testosterone Propionate. Amount of active ingredient — 100 mg in 1 ml. Anabolic activity — 100% of Testosterone. Androgenic activity — 100% of Testosterone. The action of Testosterone propionate British Dispensary Live action short — the peak of activity of 2-3 days. Well raises lean muscle mass, burns fat and increases strength. Makes the muscles more ripped and dense. Creates the effect of pumping on the exercise. Increases the content of red blood cells — improving the supply of oxygen to muscles and increase endurance during training. Not toxic to the liver, does not retain excess water in the body. Side effects of Testosterone propionate Is converted into estrogen — gynecomastia and fat deposition on the female type – eliminate intake of aromatase inhibitors on the course (Anastrozole) of antiestrogens on PCT (Clomid). The drug androgenic nature — is converted in the body into DHT, causing side effects such as acne, hair loss, aggressive behavior, high blood pressure and inhibition of secretion of endogenous Testosterone – eliminates the intake of HCG. Women apply Testosterone Propionate is not recommended, as they it can cause virilization and virilization. Course of Testosterone propionate Buy Testosterone Propionate can for masonboro course and for the course of the drying, since it is the only ester Testosterone, which mono to use during drying. The duration of the solo course Testosterone propionate 6 weeks. The recommended dosage for men is 50-100 mg every 1-2 days. The course Testosterone may need admission antiestrogenic drugs and HCG. Testosterone Propionate is combined with drugs such as Stanozolol, Trenbolone Acetate, Masteron, Winstrol or Primobolan.
Package 10ml 100mg/1ml
Substance Testosterone Propionate

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