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Description Testosterone enanthate (Testosterone E 300) from Olymp Labs

Our Internet shop of anabolic steroids allows you to buy Testosterone enanthate (Testosterone E 300) from a young Turkish producer of sports pharmacology Olymp Labs, the originality of which you can check on the official website of the company by a unique code, which is under a protective hologram on the product packaging.

Composition of Testosterone E 300 Olymp Labs: Testosterone enanthate — 200 mg Testosterone Decanoate — 100 mg Analyses after 2 weeks of treatment enanthate Olympus (2 injections a week for Cuba):

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Testosterone E 300 is an injectable steroid that has androgenic and anabolic nature. The active chemical substance Testosterone E 300 – Testosterone in the form of ether enanthate.

the steroid's prone to estrogen conversion in the body under the influence of aromatase and prolonged time of action – the half-life of Testosterone E 300 is about 1 week.

Buy Testosterone enanthate is the company Olymp Labs appropriate though, because from most of its competitors Testosterone E 300 Olymp Labs advantageously has a high concentration of active substance in 1 ml solution of 300 mg, whereas almost all analogues enanthate Olymp presented today on the market steroids, contain only 250 mg of active substance in 1 ml solution.

Package 10ml 300mg/1ml
Substance Testosterone Enanthate

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