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In our shop steroids you can buy Peptide TB-500, manufactured by NORDEX.

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TB-500 — restoration of joints, ligaments, accelerated healing of mechanical injury, and increase endurance at the expense of flexibility of ligaments, all of these properties will harakterizuyut this Peptide.

TB 500 Peptide

Thymosin beta-4 is a natural peptide hormone, found in all tissues, fluids and cells, which is involved in the processes of healing, recovery after injury, enhance immunity.

it was First discovered in the thymus gland of a bull (in the thymus), and later in humans. The thymus is the organ in which the maturation and training of the immune system cells (T-lymphocytes). That is one of the most important of its functions is the maintenance of immunity, opposition and resistance to infections, various influences of foreign substances.

a Synthetic analogue of the natural thymosin beta 4 — is a synthetic TB-500. It has the same properties as its natural counterpart.

the Impact of TB-500 on the joints

In the process of high intensity exercise with building muscle mass, our joints most vulnerable to wear and injury. Since they don't always have time for the growth of skeletal muscles, which can lead to the partial destruction of joint tissues. These processes occur under the action of metalloprotease matrix (extracellular substance capable of destroying all types of extracellular proteins).

Thymosin beta 4 acts as a helper of chondrocytes, which, in turn, the main function is the synthesis and secretion of components of the intercellular substance, forming a new structure of cartilage. The chondrocytes increase the mass of cartilage on the inside, they also play an important role of the gasket that is between the bones of the joints, thereby make their move painless.

an Important property of TB-500 is activate it using special inhibitors, substances that inhibit the action of destructive enzymes metalloprotease. That is, the thymosin beta-4 point affects harmful enzymes, inhibits their activity, thereby affecting the joint as a whole.

But what positive effect TB 500 will have on the joint, if it has already occurred considerable destruction ? After suspending the activity of harmful enzymes do not return the original functionality of the tissue. All true, but have thymosin beta-4 another remarkable property of this Peptide is able to stimulate the movement of stem cells to the site of destruction. Thus tb-500 stimulates the regeneration of destroyed areas.

in Other words, the thymosin beta-4 affects the complex on the recovery and treatment of the joints, removing not only inflammatory-destructive processes, but also promotes healing and the formation of new tissues in destroyed joints.

it is also worth noting that there is already positive experience of how people have used TB-500 to treat degenerative disc disease, they observed an improvement of motion in various joints, no pain, discomfort, pain in the neck. It only remains an open question whether this result for a long time ? Or required from time to time-constant mode of application of TB-500.

TB-500 assistant vision

more recently, scientists have discovered the effect of thymosin beta-4 on vision. The damage to the physical, chemical, or bacterial effect on the outer part of the eyeball is the cornea, leading to visual impairment in General. Due to the fact that the bandwidth of the transmittance of the cornea suffering. By nature this part of the eye must always be transparent, in order to transmit a clear image of the environment to the brain. So, use TB 500 after damage to the cornea helps to restore the balance of regulatory substances in a consistent state of the cornea.

the heart is the main muscle of our body

Since 1997, has conducted a number of experiments on animals with the use of thymosin. In recent time, scientists from Germany conducted an experiment on rats, it was as follows.

we selected 3 groups of rats, each of which is brought to an artificial heart attack (the cessation or inadequate nutrition of the myocardium — heart muscle, which leads to the death part). The first group injected with TB-500 immediately after a heart attack, the second group just once, and for another two days, the third group too soon, and for 28 days until the end of the experiment. All test subjects survived, the best results in a minimum of dead tissue showed the third group. Similar experiments were conducted on pigs, with similar results. With high probability it can be argued that for the human thymosin beta-4 will have the same significant positive impact.

In the experiment, it was proved that injection of tb 500 after a heart attack contributes to the reduction of the lesion in the 43% that is a powerful argument for its application.

Accelerate healing of wounds and injuries

thymosin beta-4 has another unique feature, as you already understood from the title, it promotes faster healing of wounds. And this is due to its ability to deliver in the damaged area to stem cells, this has already been discussed above. Thus the healing process is faster. TB 500 in this case, you need to inject in the wound site, or superficially applied to the affected area. He also contributes to the transformation of stem cells into the cells, which is used to build a new, exactly the same as it was in this place of lost tissue.

Perfect for use with torn, stab wounds, abrasions, and other minor mechanical damage to tissues.

the Rate of TB-500

it is Advisable to divide the regimen of thymosin beta-4 on a few options, in fact their purpose.

if you don't have any problems with the joints, and you want to try to use TB-500 as a prevention, in this case, you will benefit from dosage of 200 mcg once a day. This will be enough as thymosin beta-4 and so is contained in large amounts in our tissues, small doses Peptide from the outside, only will help the body a little stronger, and prevent any further damage in vulnerable areas; if you want to use tb-500 to eliminate the pain in the joints, osteochondrosis, relieve inflammatory reactions, or to eliminate discomfort when moving, use a dose of 500 micrograms once a day for one month, or if you want more to solve. If your course becomes quite long, more than two months of use, discontinue for 2-4 weeks and repeat; TB-500 also recommend combining with anabolic steroids, contributing to the set dry weight (without water).Under the action of such steroids can disrupt the lubrication of the joint, and also, because accelerated muscle growth, mechanical loading of the joint also increases, which can lead to injury, or partial destruction of the joint. To prevent this harm, you can use TB-500 in dosages of 500 mg once and twice a day, for total anabolic course. Preparation of solution for injection

Use normal sterile water for injection or saline (sodium chloride). Both are equally well suited for mixing thymosin beta-4. It should be noted only that when using a NAT solution, you can freeze the mixture, with water for injection do not.

Remove the peptide vial from the refrigerator, wait until it warms up to room temperature. Then, remove the top plastic cap, alcohol swab, wipe the top rubber part, enter into the vial of peptide with 2 ml of liquid, for that purpose, use the syringe on 2 ml (the ideal combination of needle size and volume we need), wait until the contents dissolved. Talking and shaking is not necessary.


How to calculate the right dosage of TB-500

When breeding 2-umya milliliters of fluid 2 milligrams of dry matter produced per 1 ml (one full insulin syringe u-100) is 1000 micrograms. Accordingly, if you need a dosage of 200 mcg, type in insulin syringe — 20 divisions. If you need a dosage of 500 mcg, the mark on the syringe will have 50 tick marks.

How to inject TB-500

Type the desired dosage Peptide in insulin syringe. squeeze the remaining air from the upper part (where the needle).The injection site can serve as fat folds on the abdomen, or any muscle, without an abundance of blood vessels, convenient for injection (will fit the Delta, thigh, bicep).

decontaminate your injection site with an alcohol cotton wool smooth motion insert the needle at a slight angle. Gently squeeze all the contents, then slowly remove the needle, holding a bit in the last point, for that would be part of the solution is not flowed back.


In the long term store thymosin beta-4 in the freezer, in such conditions, it can retain its quality for up to 3 years. In the short version of keep TB-500 to the fridge. The following provisions apply only to bottles with a dry substance.

as for the peptide solution, then store it just in the chamber of the refrigerator at the temperature from 2 to 8.

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