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Description Turinabol (Turinabol) from Olymp Labs

Our Internet shop of anabolic steroids allows you to buy Turinabol (Turinabol 10mg/1tab) from a young Turkish producer of sports pharmacology Olymp Labs, the originality of which you can check on the official website of the company by a unique code, which is under a protective hologram on the product packaging.

Turinabol – oral steroid, with high anabolic and moderate androgenic effect (180% and 50% of Testosterone, respectively), as well as lack of ability to flavoring. Current chemical Turinabol is a 4-Chlordehydromethylstosterone (4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone).

Action turinabol Olymp Labs is to increase muscle mass and strength, making muscles muscle definition and vascularity, as well as reducing subcutaneous fat. Buy Turinabol Olymp Labs solo you like of course, and for the combined masonboro course that you can also include Nandrolone and Testosterone (course on ground) or Stanozolol (course on lean muscle mass).

side-effects of turinabol Olymp Labs is attributed to its high toxicity to the liver, and a moderately high degree of suppression of the production of endogenous Testosterone, FSH and LH.

Package 100tab 10mg/1tab
Substance Turinabol

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