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a Course on mass Sustanon solo is a great option for beginners in the hormonal game.

Any component of the course can be replaced by an analogue, if not in stock.

Sustanon Balkan Pharma (12 ampoules 250 mg/ml) Balkan Pharma Clomid (20 tablets 50 mg active substance – Clomiphene) Anastrozole (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) — 10 tab A course on mass Sustanon is a solo Week of taking the drug Anastrozole Clomid First Sustanon 250 mg every Monday morning

250 mg every Thursday night — — Second — — Third 0.5 mg a day 0.5 mg a Fourth in a day or Fifth 0.5 mg a day 0.5 mg the Sixth day through the Seventh — — — Eighth — — Ninth 50 mg — 50 mg — Tenth-50 mg course Description solo Sustanon

Course to ground consists of 6 weeks of use of only one injection of the drug — sustanon — 250mg every 4th day (example: Monday we put 250 mg Soest (1 cube), Thursday night — the same thing).

this course estradiol should not significantly increase, however, practice shows that still it is advisable to connect Anastrozol from the third week of the course (if there is unwanted water retention and swelling, itching in the nipples, etc.).

PCT should start one week after last injection or 3 weeks on 1 tab of clomid a day.

Package 250 mg/ml + 20 tabs + 10 tabs
Substance Sustanon, Clomid, Anastrozole

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