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Description Stanozolol / Winstrol (Strombafort) from BALKAN PHARMA

Our Internet shop of anabolic steroids allows you to buy Stanozolol (Strombafort 10) production of the Moldovan pharmaceutical company Balkan Pharma.

Strombafort is an oral steroid with mild androgenic and strong anabolic effect (30% and 320% of Testosterone, respectively), the active substance of which is developed in the early 1960-ies of Stanozolol.

What we should expect effects from taking Strombafort?

the Main reason why athletes decide to buy Stanozolol to one of the first solo of the courses lies in its ability to give the muscles prorisovannost, relief and vascularity. In addition Strombafort increases the strength and the growth of strength and the removal of excess water from the body. To the positive effects of strombafort also include increased appetite and accelerating metabolic processes, and is also an important factor: as a two-fold decrease in the amount of SHBG in the blood, which makes other steroids more effective. The advantages Strombafort from Balcan Pharma also, we should take it antiprogestin and antiestrogenic activity.

the Course stanozolol — how to take Strombafort?

strombafort is ideal for a course on drying (to buy a course and read the instructions here) and of course on the mass (to buy a course and read the instructions here). Daily dosage of this drug can range from 5-10 mg for the girls and walk up to 50-60 mg for men. The duration of the course on the basis of Strombafort usually lasts no more than 8 weeks, because otherwise it may increase the toxic effects on the liver.

the Best steroid drug for combination with strombafort unconditionally is Testosterone.

Side effects from taking strombafort

due to high doses can appear joint pain, and improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood.

Reviews of Strombafort

About strombafort usually speak about how very soft and affordable steroid with virtually absent side effects, very mild recoil phenomenon.

Package 100tab 10mg/1tab
Substance Stanozolol

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