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Description Testosterone Cypionate (Cypionate Sp) from Sp Labs

Our Internet shop of anabolic steroids allows you to buy Testosterone Cypionate (Cypionate 200 Sp) from Moldovan manufacturer of sports pharmacology Sp Labs, whose originality can be checked on the official website for protective unique upic code.

Sp Cypionate is a synthetic steroid drug, which has high anabolic and androgenic effects on the human body, as well as a penchant for the aromatase – the conversion into female sex hormones.

the Active chemical substance Sp Cypionate – Testosterone Cypionate is one of the most dogodalsya Testosterone esters.

the Effect of Testosterone cypionate Sp Labs The increase in total body mass. Development of strength in the basic movements. The increase in erythrocyte mass of blood, as a consequence of the best muscle-tissue saturation with oxygen and increased workout performance. Side effects of Testosterone cypionate Sp Labs Estrogen (accumulation of excess fluid in the body, fat deposition on the female type and gynecomastia – eliminate intake of aromatase blocker or estrogen receptors on the course. Androgen (suppression of secretion of endogenous Testosterone, baldness, acne, falling libido, atrophia of the testicles and hypertrophy of the prostate, if not carefully structured course and high dosages) – eliminated reception antiestrogenic drugs on PCT and Testosterone boosters. The course Testosterone cypionate – how to make Cypionate 200 Sp? Normal course duration this drug is 4-12 weeks. Total weekly dosage is 250-500 mg. When the high duration of the course, you need the 2nd week to connect HCG (1 injection of 500-1000 IU per week).

Due to the individual characteristics of the drug that is most appropriate to buy Testosterone Cypionate Sp Labs for a course on mass, which you can also add Nandrolone.

Package 10ml 200mg/1ml
Substance Testosterone Cypionate

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