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the Course on the dry weight of Oxandrolone solo is one of the working courses for girls. Requires experience in the use of steroids, especially injectable.

Any component of the course can be replaced by an analogue, if not in stock.

Testosterone Cypionate Balkan Pharma (1 ampoule of 200 mg/ml) Balkan Pharma Oxandrolone (160 tab 10 mg/tab) Balkan Pharma Clomid (20 tablets 50 mg active substance – Clomiphene) Gonadotropin 1000 SP laboratories (5.000 ME, the active substance is chorionic Gonadotropin human) Rate in dry weight for girls — how to take Oxandrolone solo Week of taking the drug Testosterone Cypionate Oxandrolone HCG First Clomid 2 tablets per day — — Second — — — Third 40-50 mg per week

(if the lab tests total Testosterone is below the lower referent) 500 u once a week — the Fourth — Fifth — Sixth — Seventh — Eighth — Ninth — Tenth — eleventh — twelfth — 1 tablet a day — — thirteenth — — — 50 mg fourteenth — 50 mg fifteenth — 25 mg of the sixteenth — — — 25 mg course Description Oxandrolone solo

Course of dry weight for girls consists of 10 weeks of use of anabolic tablet — Oxandrolone (20 mg per week, or 2 tablets). After 2-3 weeks of the course will need to be tested for total Testosterone, if it is below the lower referent for girls, it is necessary to connect Cypionate — in support the dosage of 40-50 mg per week. So Testosterone is within natural limits.

Contrary to existing stereotypes, girls on the course of HCG (500 IU once a week starting 3 weeks of the course) as well as Clomid for the PCT. With the right approach menstrual cycle at this rate to lose should not.

Package 200 mg/ml + 160 tabs + 20 tabs + 5000 IU
Substance Testosterone РЎypionate, Oxandrolone, Clomid, Gonadotropin

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