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Description Proviron (Provimed) from BALKAN PHARMA

Our Internet shop of anabolic steroids allows you to buy Proviron (Provimed 50) production of the Moldovan pharmaceutical company Balkan Pharma.

Provided from Balkan Pharma is a steroid in oral form, active substance of which is Mesterolone. Myself Mesterolone is a DHT derivative, which has a moderately weak anabolic and strong androgenic effect (40% and 150% of Testosterone, respectively).

bodybuilding, need to buy Proviron and use it on the course occurs due to its properties which consist of its ability to interact with SHBG, which increases the concentration of free Testosterone, as well as the effectiveness of taking steroid drugs. In addition, it fully inhibits the estrogen receptors, slowing the conversion of steroids estrogeni. In addition, some athletes also often use Provimed from Balkan Pharma after the course on the basis of a strong androgen to restore the production of endogenous Testosterone.

Effects from taking Provimed Balkan Pharma

Data preparation is not only an aromatase inhibitor – it also increases libido, increases the levels of free Testosterone and gives relief to muscles.

How to take Proviron?

In the bodybuilding course of Provimed usually lasts no more than 12 weeks, while the daily dosage of this drug does not exceed 150 mg. To eliminate estrogen side effects of steroids 50-100 mg of Provimed is normally combined with 10 to 30 mg tamoxifen per day. The same amount of drug can be used to prevent side effects of these strong anabolic steroids like Nandrolone and Trenbolone – TREN - Deca-dick.

Women can also make use of Provimed and Tamoxifen for fat-burning purposes in the amount of 25-50 mg and 10-20 mg per day, respectively.

Side effects of Provimed

in men with elevated doses Provimed can cause enhanced hair growth, skin rash, and excessive activity of the sebaceous glands. Reception of Provimed women may lead to effects of virilization, irregular menstrual cycle and hypertrophy of the clitoris.

Reviews of Balkan Pharma Provimed

Many bodybuilders who have tried the effect of Provimed note the lack of its side effects like aromatization, water retention in the body and toxicity to the liver. Women speak about Provimed how about good fat burner. When you connect Provided to combined courses it allows in a relatively short time to restore the body's production of endogenous Testosterone.

Package 20tab 50mg/1tab
Substance Mesterolone

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