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to Buy HCG (chorionic Gonadotropin) 5000 ME in 1 vial manufacturing Indian company Sanzyme.

How to take HCG?

one from Sanzyme Ovigil vial contains 5000 IU of synthetic human chorionic gonadotropin. HCG is usually put at the end of a difficult course of anabolic steroids (or during long courses). The most standard scheme HCG — 1,000 IU a day along with some androgen because HCG is actually a female hormone, so it may cause relevant side effects. The dosage is 5000 IU in one ampoule is not very convenient, so it is best to sprinkle the contents of one vial in approximately equal amounts in 4-5 5-CC syringes and store them in the fridge. Prior to injection, each syringe is filled with 1 ml of water for injection (normal saline).

Check originality Ovigil

the Authenticity of HCG from Sanzyme can be checked on the official website by selecting the button "Proceed as International Customer".

Package 5000 IU
Substance Human chorionic gonadotropin

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