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In our steroids shop you can buy Peptide Melonatan 2, manufactured by NORDEX.

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Melanotan 2 is a popular Peptide, especially in summer, sunny and swimming season. Allows the skin to acquire a tan quickly and for a long time. Only a few short sunbaths a week and your skin will significantly change color in the direction of the dark.


Melanotan 2 (MT-2) is a synthetic analogue of the natural peptide hormone melanocortin which enhances sunburn. (the production of melanin pigment by melanocytes, which predetermines and makes tanning possible), thus reducing the risk of sunburn and other harmful effects of solar radiation and tanning beds.

Melanocortin is a polypeptide with hormonal activity that forms in the pituitary gland, stimulates the creation and the secretion of melanins by melanocytes of the skin and hair, as well as the pigment layer of the retina.

Melanocytes are specialized skin cells that produce melanins; Melanins are pigments that determine the color of skin, hair, eyes and are responsible for protecting against the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation, dissipating its action and turning it into heat.

The tanning process in the body is called the production of pigment in the skin cells. This pigment is melanin. It is produced by melanocytes located in the upper layer of the skin. And the stimulation of melanocytes to the production of melanin occurs with the help of the hormone melanocortin. The tanning process is scientifically called melanogenesis. The natural process of melanogenesis triggers skin cells as protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, protecting DNA of skin cells from damage caused by these radioactive UV radiation. Melanin is able to absorb harmful UV radiation and transforms it into harmless heat through a process called “ultrafast internal conversion.” This property allows to dissipate almost all harmful UV radiation, converting it into heat, protecting the skin from harmful UV effects, causing burns or destroying the DNA of skin cells, causing this melanoma (a cancerous skin disease).

Melanotan- 2 is an analogue of the natural hormone melanocortin, which stimulates melanocytes to produce melanin.

Melanin, after release from melanocyte, enters the extracellular space, but is still far from changing the skin color. It is important to note that the prerequisite for discoloration of the skin is the presence of ultraviolet radiation. Many users of Melanotan 2 mistakenly believe that changing the color of the skin when using Melanotan 2 is possible without sunbathing, but this is not so. Initially, ultraviolet radiation should oxidize melanin, thereby melanin darkens quite quickly. Then, with further exposure to ultraviolet radiation, the process of melanogenesis starts, and the melanocytes already independently secrete melanin. So our? Tanning? can be divided into three stages: first, a change in the color of the existing melanin, then the launch of melanogenesis and then (somewhere after 72 hours) the accumulation of a new batch of melanin for its subsequent oxidation (and darkening).

Melanotan 2, in addition to tanning, As it turned out during the research, it has the effect of increasing libido and improving sexual function in both men and women. This means that it can be used separately as an aphrodisiac.

Interesting facts

For the first time, Melanotan was synthesized at the University of Arizona. Scientists have conducted studies, on the basis of which it was found that the direct introduction of this hormone into the human body contributes to an effective tan without the help of sunlight. With this drug, anyone can get a great tan while avoiding harmful UV rays on the skin, leading to the development of such a terrible disease as melanoma (skin cancer). In May 2010, the Italian Medical Agency (AIFA - Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco), a public health organization, first approved Melanotan as a tool that reduces skin sensitivity to sunlight.

Main effects Causes sunburn; Increases libido and enhances erection (already 2 hours after the first injection); Suppresses appetite. Application and dosages

It is important to note that the use of MT2 according to the old regimens can result in small spots, similar to moles, appearing on the body (but in fact are only an increased concentration of melanin in a certain place), which by the way, after discontinuation of pass over time by themselves. Therefore, there are two main options for using MT2: 1) a slower tan, but devoid of “melanotan spots”, and 2) the fastest tan, with a greater chance of these spots appearing.

Each user is free to choose the best option for myself. So here are the basic regimens:

1) The scheme "without melanotan freckles."

Do not use MT2 in huge dosages and with fanatical consistency; In the first week, do not abuse the ultraviolet and do not forget about moisturizing the skin. Quite normal dosages for people with white skin will be 100-200 mcg every day or 1-2 days for 7-10 days. At this time, you can afford to sunbathe a couple of times for 30 minutes. To achieve the desired skin tone and minimize the likelihood of occurrence? melanotan freckles, do not exceed dosages and do not stay long in the sun. Give your body the opportunity to accumulate melanin. MT2 in this process should perform only the role of a kind? springboard?, which will prevent the occurrence of burns.

2) The scheme “the fastest possible tan + freckles (it’s also the scheme of accumulation and maintenance).

This is the most classic, popularized by most users of this Peptide, MT2 application pattern. It consists of increasing the concentration of melanin in the first few days and then maintaining this concentration throughout the entire period of Melanotan 2. It looks like this: starting from the first day of use, MT2 should be set at 25% of the dosage of its norm, and each subsequent day should be increased by 25%. By the fourth day, you will be able to apply 100% of the dosage from your rate, and until the desired tan is achieved, you must put these 100% every day. Unfortunately, it is difficult to say which norm should be attached to. Sellers recommend repelling the skin phototype, however there are several classifications of skin phototypes (the most complete and understandable is Fitzpatrick classification), and the proposed phototypes do not take into account the likelihood of melanotane freckles. The use of MT2 according to this scheme, of course, will help you get tanned, but you can also become spotted like a jaguar. as doses vary widely), we start with a dosage of 250 micrograms per day, each day adding 250 micrograms. On the 4th day, we reach a single dosage of 1 mg, stay at this level and continue to introduce the same dosage every day until the required tan is reached.

Finally, it is very important to note that none of the selected schemes will save you from sunburn if you abuse the sunbaths from the first days of using MT2. Of course, this does not quite fit the preamble to this article, but I think you understand perfectly well that, even using a stimulator such as MT2, you need to sunbathe slowly, starting with short sessions under ultraviolet radiation. Otherwise, a burn with all the ensuing consequences is guaranteed.

Preparation of the injection solution

Cool the vial to room temperature, then inject the required amount of water for injection (which should flow along the wall of the vial) and stir it with smooth rotating movements ( do not shake) or let stand in the fridge. The solution is fairly stable. Moreover, the stability in this case does not depend on the type of solvent (bacteriostatic water or water for injection).


MT2 (10 mg = 10,000 Ојg); We use 1 ml syringes with exactly 100 divisions, one division in them - 0.01 ml.

Use sterile water for injection, add 2 ml of water for injection to the vial with MT2, before that rub the rubber cap on the vial with alcohol. For an insulin syringe for 100 divisions in one division, 100 Вµg of MT2 will be obtained. It is very important to maintain sterility during injections and during preparation of the solution, because when bacteria penetrate they will simply eat Peptide.

Practical tips for using peptide use an insulin syringe per 100 U100 insulin units; do not confuse insulin units with divisions; strictly follow the dosage and recommendations of this article; increase the amount of proteins in the daily diet to 3 grams per 1 kg of weight; keep a diary of injections, so as not to forget what and when to prick; give injections in the same sequence. (so as not to confuse the drugs and not to inject 2 times the same thing); in the abdominal area there are places where the injection is painless and vice versa; try to avoid injections into the vessels; after the injection, do not pull out the syringe for 5-10 seconds to prevent leakage of the drug; carry out the injection with clean hands; rub alcohol with the neck of the ampoule with peptide before use; rub the injection site with alcohol (can be neglected, because the risk of infection is too small if you use insulin syringes); avoid touching the needle with non-sterile surfaces; prevent air from entering the syringe; the syringe is used only 1 time (in order to save, you can take a daily dose of 1 drug in a separate syringe). How is the injection done? the recommended injection site is the abdominal area 8 cm from the navel; to give an injection strictly on an empty stomach; do not eat for 40-60 minutes after the injection; the interval between injections should be at least 4 hours; wash your hands with soap; type the drug in an insulin syringe; gather the skin in your belly with your left hand; insert the needle at an angle of 45 В° parallel to the crease; enter the drug and remove the needle; Do not give injections in the same place.

The injection site is not necessary when using insulin syringes, these are the recommendations of doctors. The puncture is not too big, so that the infection could get, but of course it is better to be safe.

Storage dry powder is recommended to be stored in a conventional refrigerator at a temperature of about 2-8 В° C - (the shelf life in this case is up to 1 year, or after the expiration date indicated on the vial); at a temperature of minus 18-20 В° C, the powder can be stored up to several years; Light can destroy powder, as well as oxygen, although the effect of the latter peptide is not equally affected. In any case, do not violate the tightness of the package - the air that has entered inside will slowly lead to the destruction of Peptide; the solution of this Peptide remains stable, and its shelf life is 14-20 days. Side Effects of

The following known side effects of MT2:

Redness of the skin; Nausea; Dark spots on the skin (melanin freckles), which may increase in size (is reversible).

Phase 3 clinical trials of melanotan 1 completed, approved for use by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) Name Review Group (NRG), which is a significant safety evidence.

Overdose once. Some time after the injection, severe pain arose that spread to the whole body. Doctors have found a significant increase in heart rate and increased blood pressure; urine analysis showed a significant increase in the release of myoglobin - a protein that is an indicator of muscle damage.

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