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Description Testosterone Propionate (Testosterone P 100) from Olymp Labs

Note: at the bottom of the vial possible presence of crystals is the active substance (Testosterone), which precipitated due to the insufficient amount of the solvent or transport at low ambient temperature. Dissolve the crystals by means of a water bath (you can also put the vial on time in the battery or in the microwave for 20 seconds).

the Tests after 1.5 weeks of use propionate Olympus (5 shots at 200mg every other day):

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Our Internet shop of anabolic steroids allows you to buy Testosterone Propionate (Testosterone P 10ml/100mg) from a young Turkish producer of sports pharmacology Olymp Labs, the originality of which you can check on the official website of the company by a unique code, which is under a protective hologram on the product packaging.

100 Testosterone P is an injectable steroid androgenic nature, with high anabolic effect and a high propensity for conversion into estrogens in the body under the influence of aromatase. The active chemical substance Testosterone P 100 – Testosterone propionate in the form of one of the most short-range and popular Testosterone ester on the date (the half-life is several days).

the Action of Testosterone propionate Olymp Labs is to increase lean muscle mass, and muscle muscle definition and vascularity, subcutaneous fat and weak toxic effects on the liver. The negative sides of the propionate is its inclination to the aromatase and high androgenic activity.

Buy Testosterone Propionate as you can for the course of the mass, and of course for drying, and it is worth noting that Propionate is the only Testosterone ester that can be used during the course to reduce fat.

Package 10ml 100mg/1ml
Substance Testosterone Propionate

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