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Description Aquatest (Aquatest) from Balkan Pharma

Our Internet shop of anabolic steroids allows you to buy Aquatest (Aquatest 100) production of the Moldovan pharmaceutical company Balkan Pharma, whose originality can be checked on the official website of the manufacturer upic code.

Aquatest is an aqueous suspension for Testosterone, which is essential balance that allows this steroid is much faster absorbed into the blood and into the work than do the other esters of Testosterone. This feature of the drug due to its cons – injections are very painful, and also have a high frequency due to the short half-life of active substances.

For some bodybuilders, the main incentive to buy Aquatest from Balcan Pharma is that this water Testosterone Suspension contains 100% active ingredients, while the other esters of Testosterone dissolved in oil, contain it for much less is 50 mg of aqueous Testosterone suspension contains 50 mg of pure Testosterone, while 50 mg of enanthate Testosterone is a very active substance is only 36 mg.

the effect of admission Aquatest

Like all esters of Testosterone, Aquatest well raises muscle mass, increases strength and reduces body fat. In many ways, the effect of Aquatest can be compared with Propionate Testosterone, but the latter still applies somewhat slower.

the Course Aquatest — how to take Aquatest Balkan Pharma from?

Due to the ultrashort half-life period of Aquatest must be placed every day. Solo course Aquatest don't spend more than 5 weeks, while the daily dose of the androgen may vary from 20 to 10 mg. In the combined courses to ground usually in addition to Aquatest connect such strong anabolics like Boldenone or Nandrolone.

Side effects from taking Aquatest

the disadvantages Aquatest include soreness of the injection and its high androgenic activity, which can cause side effects such as acne, gynecomastia and fluid retention in the body can be eliminated with intake of aromatase inhibitors on the course. The PCT is also required.

Reviews of Aquatest

the positive effects Aquatest can be attributed to its rapid absorption into the blood and onset of action, and the ability podestas it to the doping control.

Package 1ml 100mg/1ml
Substance Testosterone Suspension

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