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In our shop steroids you can buy growth hormone Hygetropin (Hygetropin) produced by Zhongshan Hygene Biopharm Co. in accordance with the standards of GMP.

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Action Hygetropin

Getting inside the person Hygetropin increases the rate of transport of amino acids to the cells of the body, increasing the rate of protein synthesis and catabolic processes are slowed down. The body is the active growth of bone and muscle tissue, increases overall body mass. Growth hormone Hygetropin delays in the body useful trace elements and salts, which contribute to a better absorption of calcium. Due to its lipolytic properties, the drug reduces the fat accumulation and burns visceral body fat. The somatropin has a positive effect on the cytoarchitecture of the body reduces sensitivity to insulin, the sugar level comes to normal. Recently scientists have proved that growth hormone HygetropС–n effective against aging because it slows this natural process. Hormones stimulate the metabolism and accelerate the regeneration, restoring the body, strengthening the immune system and the cardiovascular system. Application hygetropin more suitable for massonary periods, as the level of vyrobotki antibodies is slightly higher than that Apampa that affects fluid retention in the body in a slightly larger volume than similar HGH Ansomone.

Method of application and dosage of Hygetropin

the Dry powder, stored in vials, diluted with bacteriostatic water for injection until completely dissolved. The drug is administered subcutaneously in the abdomen or thigh. For injection use a sterile syringe with a wide contact within a 19G–27G. The injection site is not necessary to thoroughly mix. Periodically the injection site must be changed in order to avoid mechanical damage to the tissues. Prophylactic usually prescribed 2 IU a day with a slight increase in dosage. In other cases, you must consult with a specialist.

the Advantages Hygetropin

Hygetropin (Hygetropin) — the perfect drug high quality to achieve results in the short term. Buy Hygetropin more effective solution: brand hygetropin less publicized than Ansomon slightly behind their Chinese counterparts in quality. Not overpaying for brand name and beautiful packaging, you get almost identical results. Fat loss, trauma recovery and overall rejuvenation of the body, increase muscle mass, improve the complexion, restore hair in men is only part of the positive effect that having this drug. This drug should pay attention and try. Special popularity it enjoys among those who wants to burn fat accumulation, as well as seeking the therapeutic effect. Many athletes time trying this brand of growth hormone, remain faithful to it later.

ABOUT the DRUG the Drug is used:

в–єslow growth in children and adolescents in case of insufficient hormone secretion;
в–єIn case of insufficient functioning of the kidneys, which is also tied to a slowdown in production;
в–єFor fast and healthy growth of children who have delays in growth;
в–єIn case of lack of self secretion, prescribed for adults.
в–єtellingly, Hygetropin allows you to quickly heal burns and injuries.
в–єin addition, Hygetropin promotes: Rapid cessation of the catabolic processes, during heavy training and during recovery in the postoperative period, or due to the received traumas or injuries.

Thanks to the proper and moderate use of growth hormones, you can come to:

в–єDecrease fat reserves.
в–єthe functioning of the organs of perception;
в–єthe Increasing resistance of the immune system ;
в–єImproving the condition of skin and the elimination of Morshyn;
в–єIncreased quantity and quality muscle mass.
в–єIncrease moderate sexual desire;
в–єGood quality and healthy hair color.

в–є1-4ed a day for anti-aging therapy in persons aged 50 years or more, as well as in the treatment of lack of linear growth in children
в–є4-8ed a day for weight loss, treat injuries, set a small but quality lean muscle mass
в–є8-12ed a day for a set of bigger muscle mass and active fat-burning

the Duration of:

Duration of HGH (somatropin) desirable at least two months to obtain a stable effect, the optimal period — three months. The maximum duration of the drug is safe at doses up to 10ed a day not established. The effect of the drug can be felt 2-3 days of admission, external qualitative changes in the musculature and visible reduction of fat in 1 month.
Application and the periods of injection:
growth Hormone is diluted with water for injection (without impurities), applied subcutaneously in the fatty layer 1-2 times a day, if possible — daily dose can be divided into more frequent injections. Somatropin has both General and local fat-burning effect, a desirable periodic change of the injection, possibly a slight redness in the injection — it takes a couple of days.

the Combination of sports nutrition:

the Use of HGH goes well with any sports nutrition to achieve more. During administration of the drug shown a high protein diet. At a dose of 8-10ed a day may increase blood pressure, therefore use pre-workout and fat burning systems — individually.


Drug firm China Zhongshan Hygene Biopharm Co., which for many years effectively develops and delivers the growth hormones and other Hygetropin within the system of standardization of GMP.

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