How to start a wine collection

Drinking a glass of wine can be an incredibly pleasurable experience, this is why it is normally reserved for special occasions. Many people think that keeping more than a couple of bottles around is difficult. But after you read some of these tips, you’ll discover that storing wine is actually pretty simple.

  1. You should definitely consider buying wine by the case, it is normally cheaper when you buy it in bulk.
  2. While some wines do get better with age, there are some wines that are meant to be consumed around the time they are purchased. Table wines are good to drink the same year they are purchased, red wines can last up to five years, while white wines are normally only good for two years. Vintage wines are normally stored for as many as 10, even 20 years.
  3. Always try to store your wines in cooler temperatures. White wines can be stored at 45 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, while red wines can be stored at 50 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Try to avoid storing your wine in refrigerator as it might be too cold, storing wine in the basement is a good option as it can keep your wine away from the sunlight. There are also special refrigeration units that are specifically designed for storing wine.
  4. The wine needs to be in contact with the cork, so make sure to store wine on its side.
  5. You should think about putting ID tags on your bottles. This would enable you to identify your wines without disturbing the position of the bottle. Wines that have the same vintage should be stored together.
  6. You should store the wines that are consumed more often towards the front of your storage area, while bottles that are being saved for a special occasion should be stored deeper.
  7. Consider keeping an inventory of your wines so that you know exactly what wines you have.
  8. Try to make friends with a wine supplier in your area, they might be able to give you some good discounts on the best wines. They are also a great source for information about collecting wine.

If you follow these tips, you can be on your way to a great collection in no time.