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In our shop steroids you can buy Peptide GHRP-6, manufactured by NORDEX.

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GHRP-6 is Peptide stimulates the production of endogenous growth hormone. Effect of medium strength, after injection, there is a strong feeling of hunger, because of the effect on the hunger center in the brain.

Description GHRP-6 NORDEX

GHRP-6 is Peptide stimulator of the body to produce its own growth hormone. Similar in its effect with GHRP-2, the difference lies only in the fact that GHRP-2 is more powerful (about 30%), but GHRP-6 less increases the concentration of prolactin and cortisol. And another important difference GHRP-6 from their "neighbors" is the emergence of very strong feelings of hunger (GHRP-6 acts similar to the hormone ghrelin). These peptide can be used together, the effect will be greater than the sum of the effects of GHRP-2 + GHRP-6, this is called a synergistic effect.

Prolactin – peptide hormone which stimulates the breast development (gyno); Cortisol – the main hormone which destroys proteins, contributes to the accumulation of body fat and improved glucose level in the blood; Ghrelin – the hunger hormone that causes hunger. Main functions

the Action of GHRP-6 is similar to GHRP-2 and its functions are explained essentially by the functions of growth hormone.

the increase in power performance; muscle growth; increased appetite; fat burning; improving the prominence of the muscles; increased appetite; a strengthened immune system; anti-aging effect (improves properties of skin, hair); strengthening bones; protection of the liver; anti-inflammatory action. Application and dosage applied at a dosage of 1-2 mg per 1 kg of body weight, 2-3 times a day. (average 100-200 mcg 3 times a day); injections should be carried out on an empty stomach at least 2 hours after previous meal and no less than an hour to the next. It is desirable that the food taken before injection, it was a bit fat and carbohydrates; for the prevention of age-related changes (40+) only one injection, 1 times a day; the average exchange rate of GHRP-6 in solo lasts 1-2 months, followed by 1-2 weeks of rest to prevent excessive depletion of the pituitary gland; it is advisable to combine this drug with GHRP-2, CJC-1295, CJC-1295(DAC), Ipamorelin as the effect of such combinations is not just double, but triple the result (synergistic effect). Various combinations of

For best efficiency and productivity from taking GHRP-6 it is recommended to combine with other stimulants growth hormone or anabolic steroids.


CJC 1295 + GHRP-6 or CRF(1-29)+ GHRP-2 — great bunch. The application of these peptide together enhances the effect of both several times. This ligament is well established and consolidated in the practical application of many athletes; GHRP-2 + GHRP-6 together achieves a synergistic effect; Insulin + GHRP-6 increases the efficiency rate of 30-40%; Arginine + GHRP-6 increases the efficacy of 10-20%; Glutamine + GHRP-6; GABA + GHRP-6. Preparation of solution for injection

Should cool the bottle to room temperature, then enter the required volume of water for injection (which needs to flow down the sides of the container) and mix with a smooth rotating motion (do not shake) or let stand in the refrigerator. The solution is quite stable. Moreover, stability in this case depends on the type of solvent (bacteriostatic water or water for injection).


GHRP-6 (5 mg = 5000 mcg); Used syringes of 1 ml with 100 divisions, one division is 0.01 ml.

Use sterile water for injection, add 3 ml of water to the vial of GHRP-6, in front of this wipe with alcohol the rubber cover on the bottle. For insulin syringe 100 divisions into a single division received 16 Вµg of GHRP-6. Or add 2 ml of water for injection, then 1 space (1 UNIT) = 25 mg. it is important to observe sterility during injection and during the preparation of the solution, because the penetration of bacteria they just eat Peptide.

Practical tips to use peptide use insulin syringe 100 units of U100 insulin; not to be confused insulin units of divisions; strictly follow the dosage and recommendations of this article; to increase the amount of protein in the daily diet to 3 grams per 1 kg of body weight; keep a record of your injections, that would not forget what and when to inject; injected in the same sequence. (not to mix up the drugs and not to work hard 2 times one and too); in the abdomen there are places where the injection is painless and opposite; try to avoid injection into vessels; after injection, the syringe does not pull out 5-10 seconds in order to prevent leakage of the drug; injection, keep the hands clean; wipe with alcohol the neck of the ampoule with the peptide prior to use; wipe with alcohol the injection site (can be neglected, since the risk of infection is too small, if you use insulin syringes); to eliminate the touching of the needle with non-sterile surfaces; to exclude the ingress of air into the syringe; the syringe is used only 1 time (in order to save can day dose 1 drug type in a separate syringe). How injection is done the recommended injection site is the abdomen 8 cm from the navel. to give the shot strictly on an empty stomach; do not eat for 40-60 minutes after injection; the interval between injections should be at least 4 hours; wash hands with soap and water; enter the drug insulin syringe; assemble the left arm the skin fold on my stomach; insert the needle at a 45В° angle parallel to the fold; enter the medication and remove the needle; not be injected in the same place.

the site of the injection process is not necessarily the use of insulin syringes, these are the recommendations of doctors. The puncture is not too large, in order to could get an infection, but of course better safe than sorry.

Storage the dry powder should be stored in conventional refrigeration chamber at a temperature of about 2-8В°C (shelf life in this case is up to 1 year, or by the expiration date indicated on the bottle); at a temperature of minus 18-20В°C, the powder can be stored up to several years; light can destroy the powder, as well as the oxygen, although the effect of the latter peptide is not affected to the same extent. In any case, do not disturb the tightness of packing is trapped inside the air will slowly lead to the destruction Peptide; the resulting solution was freeze cannot, and the retention period is 30-35 days in the refrigerator; the best solution is kept at a temperature of 2-4В°C, the permissible level to 8В°C. Side effects

the studies serious side effects GHRP-6 has not been fixed, on the contrary, the drug increases the protective properties of the organism. GHRP-6 is administered even in children. Higher doses (600 mg/day and above) may cause increased concentration of prolactin and cortisol, but to a much lesser extent than GHRP-2. The injection occurs a burning sensation which passes after 5-10 minutes. The prolactin level can be reduced, such a drug like Dostinex.

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