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Description Methyldrene (Methyldrene 25) from Cloma Pharma

Our Internet shop of anabolic steroids allows you to buy Methyldrene produced by the American company Cloma farm.

Methyldrene 25 is a powerful thermogenic, which includes ephedra powder Ephedra nevadensis leaves. According to data posted on the official FDA website, this kind of ephedra contains only traces of ephedrine or does not contain it at all.

In the USA and other countries USA, in which any papacy the back of this potent psychoactive poisonous alkaloid is punishable by law, buy Methyldrene 25 it is possible absolutely freely, which also indicates the absence in it of ephedrine.

Effects from taking Methyldrene 25

in Addition to the extract of ephedra, Methyldrene 25 also contains in its composition equally strong components, proven fat burning abilities synephrine, caffeine, etc. In fact, Methyldrene is a well known sports fat burning stimulating the Central nervous system and combination of drugs like ECA, as it includes ephedra, caffeine anhydrous and aspirin – each component enhances the effect of another, whereby ECA has a much more powerful effect than each component separately.

How to take Methyldrene 25?

the Manufacturer recommends to take Methyldrene with 1 capsule per day, after which you can increase the dose to 3 capsules. To take Methyldrene 25 is necessary in the morning for 40-60 minutes before workout, and to do it with food and drink plenty of water.

Substance Ephedra

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