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the Course on the dry weight of Stanozolol and Sustanon is virtually identical to the course Cypionate and Stanozolol. The differences are only in the presence of cypionate instead of sustanon. Part of a more powerful course also includes HCG. Experienced athletes can increase the number of weeks in a course up to 14 (the dosage is stored). To relax after such a course should be almost the same as lasts the course.

Any component of the course can be replaced by an analogue, if not in stock.

Sustanon (Balcan Pharma) (12 ampoules 250 mg/ml) Stanozolol (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) — 200 tab Clomed (40 pills 50 mg, active substance – Clomiphene) Anastrozole (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) — 10 tab MAGNYL (5000 ME, the active substance is chorionic Gonadotropin human) Rate on dry basis — how to take Stanozolol and Sustanon a Week of taking the drug Stanozolol Sustanon Anastrozole HCG First Clomid 30 mg 250 mg 2 times a week — — Second 40 mg 250 mg 2 times per week 1000 IU once a week Third 50 mg 250 mg 2 times a week 0.5 mg a day 1000 IU once per week Fourth-50 mg 250 mg 2 times a week 0.5 mg a day 1000 IU once a week Fifth 50 mg 250 mg 2 times a week 0.5 mg a day 1000 IU once a week Sixth 50 mg 250 mg 2 times a week 0.5 mg a day 1000 IU once a week Seventh — — — Eighth— — — — 100 mg Ninth— — — — 100 mg the Tenth— — — — 50 mg

* Stanozolol acts as a blocker aromatase, but it happens that estradiol is still out referents. In this case, you must begin receiving Anastrozole in prophylactic dosage is 0.5 mg a day (see the tests for estradiol or side effects of increasing its levels in the blood swelling and itching around the nipples).

course Description Stanozolol and Sustanon

This course is almost completely repeats the course Dianabol and Testosterone enanthate (Cypionate), but differs from it a more vivid peaks of Testosterone in the blood after injection, as Sustanon includes 4 live Testosterone speed of the action.

the Course is suitable for more experienced athletes who know what a PCT is and why in the course of Gonadotropin.

Package 250 mg/ml + 200 tabs + 40 tabs + 10 tabs
Substance Sustanon, Stanozolol, Clomid, Anastrozole

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