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the Course on the dry weight Testosterone Cypionate and Oxandrolone for beginners who do not have much experience in taking steroids. This course can also use girls. Dosage Testosterone they want to reduce to 20m/week (0.1 ml), and Oksana — 15, 20, 25 ... mg. day (2 times). The ester Cypionate is essential for maintaining the level of Testosterone in the referents, as oxandrolon strongly suppresses its production.

Any component of the course is replaced by similar, if not in stock.

Testosteron cypionate (6 ampoules of 200 mg/ml) Oxandrolone 200 tab Clomed (40 pills 50 mg, active substance – Clomiphene) Anastrozole (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) — 10 tab Rate on dry basis — how to take Oxandrolone and Testosterone Cypionate Week of taking the drug Oxandrolone Testosterone Cypionate Anastrozole HCG First Clomid 30 mg 200 mg once a week — — Second 40 mg 200 mg once a week — the Third 50 mg 200 mg once a week 0,5 mg a day — the Fourth 50 mg 200 mg once a week 0,5 mg a day — the Fifth of 50 mg to 200 mg once a week 0,5 mg a day is the Sixth 50 mg 200 mg once a week 0,5 mg a day — the Seventh — — — Eighth— — — — 100 mg Ninth— — — — 100 mg the Tenth— — — — 50 mg course Description Oxandrolone and Testosterone Cypionate

This course is almost completely repeats the course Oxandrolone solo, but differs from it by the presence of injectable Testosterone cypionate, as well as a slightly increased dosage of clomid during post-cycle therapy (which is directly related to cypionate course). Cypionate is also more prolonged effect than enanthate. It is believed that Oxandrolone is the safest oral steroid.

the Course is suitable for both beginners and those athletes who already tried one of our preformed ready courses – the only difficulty can cause Testosterone injections, who either need to learn to put yourself, or ask someone.

the rest of the course is very simple and, most importantly, working at 100%.

Package 200 mg/ml + 200 tabs + 40 tabs + 10 tabs
Substance Testosterone РЎypionate, Oxandrolone, Clomid, Anastrozole

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