Backgammon Roll

With the time your pieces are in your household board, you must eliminate the pieces from the aboard, to bear off, making use of a roll of dice. As an example, in the event you roll one, you are able to bear off one checker through the 1 level; when you roll a couple of, you can proceed a checker form the a couple of place, and so forth.


Right here you really should absolutely hit your opponent if possible given that it is a brief array roll, if not ,the most effective way to go is for the 11 and 8 position bartender.

*5-3, 3-1, 4-2, 6-1:

A very great roll in your case to begin with, and in any case like this that makes it possible for you to build a barrack with two checkers – do it!

The one exception is perhaps if your opponent exposed himself with the 9-10-11 point bar…your barracks are meant to keep his checkers in, and if he is by now on the work, an empty jail isn’t really worth much…


Yet again, if hitting is possible- do it! Otherwise, just make the 21 stage bar.

*6-4, 6-5:

They are also strong rolls that must be applied as an offensive application, meaning you need to take your much checkers towards 13-14 place drink station rather than going risk-free on the two stage barrack.

For conclusion, I’ve played thousands of matches and backgammon tournaments ,no matter whether on the internet matches or offline, regardless of whether it was backgammon for cash or no cost backgammon, these moves had been verified prosperous not after, so stick to it and remember that from time to time the best reply at the correct time could effectively be the finishing play.

But if your opponent has not borne away any pieces while you have borne off of 15 pieces, you gain the gammon. If your opponent hasn’t borne away any pieces and nevertheless a number of his checkers are placed for the bar, as you have borne off 15 pieces, then you earn the backgammon.

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